Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker

Today’s technology is much more advanced than before. There are now many labour-type side shape category technology gadgets and accessories on the market, confusing us very easily. Such examples are smart bands, smart clothes, smart glass, smartphones, rings, even shoes(Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker).

But when it comes to wearable technology, the first thing that comes to mind is the fitness tracker and Smartwatch. And The line of difference between these two things is very thin. Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker have some features that overlap, which makes choosing one quite difficult.

If you go to the market for a wearable gadget, you may wonder which one will suit you best. If you are an exercise enthusiast, a fitness band can naturally be your first choice. But is it? Go ahead and read what sets SmartWatch and Fitness Band apart and how you will choose the best device for you.

between Smartwatch and Fitness tracker

There are some similarities and differences. If you have ever used it, you know very well. Both Smartwatch and the smart band say the time has some health features like pedometer sleep monitor health heart, heart rate monitor, and lost. You can sync both the devices with smartphones, and the basic similarity is worn around the wrist.

Some of the physical differences between them are screen size, dimensions, battery, operating system, and the most important thing is Smartwatch can work independently.

What is a Fitness tracker?

Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker
Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker

Image source- Fitbit

A fitness tracker is a device compact with health and fitness-related features and time. The main function of a fitness tracker is to monitor your health using a variety of sensors and tracking movements. Here are some of the main tasks of a fitness tracker

  • monitor your sleep patterns
  • track distance you covered
  • display some important notifications like calls, messages.

Most fitness trackers’ displays are a little smaller than any traditional watch, and most fitness trackers offer touchscreens that can be easily navigated. Its sleek slip and lightweight design make it suitable for everyday wear.

Most fitness trackers(e.g. SamsungFitbit) have their app that needs to be installed on the phone where all the stats are shown through very readily available charts and graphs.

What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker
Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker

Image Source- Apple

While most smartwatches offer the same functionality that you would find in a fitness tracker but they come with a few extra features. While the main goal of Fitness Tracker is to monitor your health, a smartwatch acts as an extension of your smartphone with some key functions.

There are many different types of smartwatches on the market, and it depends on how far you can go with the range of features.

  • Receive as well as send both phone calls and messages.
  • You can browse the internet.
  • You can store music pictures on your Smartwatch.

Some interesting facts About Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker

So this time we are going to demonstrate some points that separate these two things(Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker) from each other And based on this point you can decide which one you should go with.

1. Performance

Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker
Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

We check the performance of any tech-related item whenever we go to buy it, and in this case, also version plays an important role in terms of Smartwatch and fitness tracker, which will give us clarity to separate these two things. A typical smartwatch can do something like a smartphone. A smartwatch may or may not have all the features related to fitness tracking, but a fitness tracker has all the features associated with fitness.

A smartwatch can show its storage data through internal storage, SIM card, RAM, etc., whereas a fitness band relies on the smartphone to offer all its stats.

2.Operating System

Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker
Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

The operating system plays an important role between the Smartwatch and fitness tracker. Most smartwatches have a dedicated and high-performance operating system compared to a simple operating system found in smartwatches.

The operating system is very similar to that of a smartphone. In contrast, a fitness band has a simple custom operating system that can do basic things like step count, time display, heart rate display, calorie-burning, etc.


Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker
Smartwatch and Fitness Band

Yes, Size Matters!

In most cases, the size and weight of the fitness trackers are comparatively less than that of a smartwatch. A smartwatch has a lot of slots like SIM card memory cards and more sensors that are not found in fitness trackers, which makes fitness trackers a lot slim and eye-catching. The name of the fitness band implies that it is a lot like a normal bracelet or band. In contrast, a smartwatch has functionality and processing capability like a smartphone, which makes the Smartwatch a little heavier and larger.

Most people don’t like to wear watches because they are a little bigger and heavier, but they want something that will tell them the step count and the heart rate – and that’s where the most important thing is a fitness tracker. They don’t have big displays, they are relatively lightweight, but they show exactly what people want to see.

4. Battery Life 

Smartwatch and Fitness Band
Smartwatch and Fitness Band

Although the battery capacity of the Fitness Tracker is low, its battery life is a little higher than that of the SmartWatch. Smartwatches have many more features than fitness bands. For more processors and higher functionality, the battery of the Smartwatch is discharged within 1 to 2 days.


Smartwatch and Fitness Band
Smartwatch and Fitness Band

This is the only place where smartwatches are behind the fitness tracker. The price of a smartwatch is much higher than that of a fitness tracker.

You can easily get a well functional fitness tracker for around 2,000 rupees. On the other hand, you have to spend over 10,000 rupees to buy a smartwatch with good capability and a high operating system.


From the above points, it is clear that both the smartwatch and fitness tracker has some advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for something that can fully track your daily activity, then Fitness Tracker is a great choice for you. But if you want something that will be a replica of your smartphone and fitted on your wrist, you can look at the various smartwatches available in the market.

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