You need a coffee machine for home right?

You are at the right place to find a budget coffee machine for your home. There are so many coffee machines are there in the market. So we do some research, talk with the users and then put together some of the best coffee making machines in this article.

if you willing to buy some best coffee powder then we will cover you here.

List Top 5 Best Coffee Making Machine in India

ImageNameBest Place To buy
Electric Triviac
  • InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker
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  • Morphy Richards New Europa
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  • Philips HD7431
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  • Morphy Richards 4-Cups Espresso Coffee Maker
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  • Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker
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Types of Coffee Making Machine

There are about 15 types of coffee-making machines globally, and if we talk about all the types, it will be boring for you. So as an Indian, we will discuss which coffee makers are most beneficial for our family.
Here we are talking about four types of coffee-making machines readily available in the Indian market.

  1. Drip Coffee makers
  2. French press coffee maker
  3. Espresso coffee maker
  4. Cold brew coffee maker
  1. Drip Coffee maker

Drep Coffee Maker is a widely used machine readily available in the market. It is suitable for family and office because it is easy to use and available in the market in different sizes and styles.

There are two types: an automatic drip coffee maker and a manual drip coffee maker.

The automatic drip coffee maker is used so much in the office or home because of its large volume. Here you can easily make a lot of coffee and keep the coffee hot for a long time in the burning chamber. In the case of a manual drip coffee maker, you have to work a little more complicated. You have to heat your water and pour it into the coffee ground. Then the coffee drains slowly and falls into the pot below.

These are best for homes, Small parties, office etc

2. French press coffee maker

If you like rich and flavorful coffee, French press Coffee Maker is perfect for you.

It looks a lot like a giant glass cup. You need to leave it with hot water and coffee for a minimum of 4 minutes. In the end, you have to press the lead, which has the filter attached.

You have to press the filter and bring it down, which will bring the coffee grounds down to the coffee maker.

What’s the downside of a coffee maker is that it can cool down very quickly.

3. Espresso coffee maker

These coffee makers are widely used in most cafes by professionals. These machines cost a little more and are available in three varieties like Manual, semi-automatic, automatic, super-automatic.

Espresso coffee is made by passing hot water through finely-ground coffee under extreme pressure. Pick off these are very dense, so it is the best choice for those who like to drink thick coffee. But it requires enough knowledge to handle it.

4. Cold brew coffee maker

Usually, we pour ice cubes into the coffee to make cold coffee, but the cold brew coffee maker is a little different. The cold-brew method does not require heat, so a rich and full-body coffee is available.
One of the drawbacks of this machine is that it takes 24 hours to brew the coffee.

1. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker

Best for small family and touring

Best Coffee Making Machine for Home In India

Why we love it

  •  4 part superior filtration system
  • Used premium grade stainless steel
  • BPA free plastics
  • Easy to use

Take note

  • It is suitable for 3 to 5 people family.

Body: This coffee maker is made with extra tough borosilicate glass, which makes it much more robust than other regular glasses, and it does not break easily.

This Best coffee making machine is surrounded by premium-grade stainless steel, which gives it more durability.

Thanks to its plastic handle that allows you to easily carry it from one place to another.

BPA-free plastic has been used in it. As a result, even if you leave coffee in it for a long time, there is no possibility of any poisoning.

With this coffee maker, you can also make four types of coffee and tea.

  • Espresso.
  • Americano.
  • Cappuccino.
  • Latte.


This InstaCuppa French Press Coffee comes with a small spoon.

It comes with a soft brush that can help you clean your coffee-making machine and keep it clean.

They will provide two extra Mesh Filters.

You can find the method of making coffee on Amazon’s page, the link of which I have given below.

2. Morphy Richards New Europa

Best Coffee making machine in India

Best Coffee Making Machine for Home In India

Why we love it

  •  High power Motor
  •  Permanent stainless steel filter
  • BPA free plastics
  • Verious controlling knob

Take note

  • It can make 4 cup of coffee at a time.

Murphy is a well-known brand in the world of electronics products. It is a class-looking cappuccino and espresso-making machine.

If you want to start your day with a solid and frothy coffee, then this coffee-making machine is going to be the best choice for you.

This coffee-making machine uses a powerful 800-watt motor, making it much more efficient.

It has an inbuilt froth maker, so you don’t need to make froth separately. You can choose how much strong coffee you want.

It will not be a problem to clean it as a removable drip tray has been used. As a result, you can easily remove it and have your coffee-making machine wash it.

Thanks to its heat-resistant attractive glass carafe,you can choose how much amount of coffee you want to drink.

You can get two stainless steel filter with this coffee-making machine.

3. Philips HD7431

Best Coffee making machine in India

Best Coffee Making Machine for Home In India

Why we love it

  • Motor Power: 700 watts
  •  Easy Maintenance
  • BPA free plastics
  • Aroma twister

Take note

  • Sweatable for 4 to 5 person

Philips is an appliance famous for designing all its instruments as per the needs of Indian users. The brand has held the users’ trust for generations and ages, and this product manages to live to the expectations in the best possible manner. It comes with some unique features which provide its user’s convenience and ease of use without any hassles.

To make you excited about buying this coffee machine, it comes in an attractive design that many users appreciate. Its sleek design and compact size provide only the required positive features without compromising on anything with the quality of your coffee. It offers you the capacity of 0.6L along with a coffee brewing time of 10 minutes.

The powerful motor of 700W of this coffee maker ensures that users never have to wait to get their favourite coffee cup. The filters available in this machine are pretty compelling to provide you with only the quality coffee taste. The warranty of 2-years supports the working of this coffee machine.

The non-slip parts of the bottom can protect them from any accidents while working. Each piece of this coffee maker machine can be easily cleaned with a dishwasher, and its maintenance cost is much less. It can be done very quickly by opening the maximum part.

4. Morphy Richards 4-Cups Espresso Coffee Maker

Best Coffee making machine in India

Morphy rechards Best Coffee Making Machine for Home In India

Why we love it

  • Motor Power: 800 watts
  •  Easy to access
  • BPA free plastics
  • Professional features

Take note

  • Sweatable for 3 to 4 person at a time

This coffee maker from Orbit is perfect for an average size Indian family. It can offer you 4 cups of professional coffee with one making. The total capacity of 240mL is enough for the entire family who loves coffee and wants to experience the professional taste just by sitting at their home.

This coffee maker consumes 800W of power, ensuring fast operations without any hassles.

Along with the minimal power consumption, this Orbit Steam Espresso Maker 800W Espresso 4-cup Coffee Maker works with a working pressure of 3.5-bar for providing a rich taste of coffee. This makes this coffee machine one of the best for making Espresso coffee.

If you like Cappuccino, you can rely on the frothing function of this coffee machine which makes the coffee tastes fantastic.

The light indicators are available on this coffee machine, which can get comfortable access to its functionalities. The removable parts of this coffee maker ensure easy cleaning and easy usage.

Coming to the design and looks of this coffee maker, you get a compact yet efficient coffee maker in the form of Orbit Steam Espresso Maker 800W Espresso 4-cup Coffee Maker. The classic design fits and matches well with the home décor.

The anti-slip base offers excellent grip to the users, and this ensures effective prevention against accidents and failures.

5. Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker

Best Single Serve Coffee maker

Best Coffee Making Machine for Home In India

Why we love it

  • 450W heating element
  • Lifelong Free Service
  •  Use thermal fuse for heat sensitivity
  • High grade plastic
  • Professional features

Take note

  • Sweatable for 5 to 6 person at a time

There are a lot of coffee making machines available. However, Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker is the best for multiple reasons like features, pricing, and performance.

It comes with excellent features such as a Concealed 450W heating element for faster brewing, accurate temperature control, heat resistant high-grade plastic, power 450 watts, operating voltage 230 volts, and many others.

All these features give the best coffee with excellent taste and flavour. 

Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker is one of the best single-serve coffee makers that can help you to start your day with a great mood and mind. Hence, go for this coffee machine.

Coffee Maker Machine – Buying Guide

There are different sizes and types of coffee maker machines in the market. But what is most suitable for you can be judged by some parameters, and we will now look at all those parameters one by one.

What do you want? Cold or Hot Coffee!

Some people prefer cold coffee, especially during hot weather. Some coffee maker machines have cold brew modes. So you also have to choose some coffee machines that have this feature.