Appjumbu Review + Custom Bonuses

Today I will be going to tell you, what Appjumbu is?

How does it work?

Who is going to be benefited from this app?

Is it worth buying?

And many more.

Why You Should Buy This?

Do you know Keeping accurate records of personal expenses is hugely important for so many reasons? We are excited to share with you a Personal Assistant app called AppJumbu which got released a few days ago which can help you save money and Increase your Productivity.

Knowing what you spend will help you to:

1) Create a monthly budget
2) Know where you’re spending more than you think you are
3) Figure out ways to cut back on your spending
4) Know how much extra payments you can make towards your debt
5) Plan for future large purchases
6) Create a savings plan for putting money away every month
7) Plan for retirement
8) Create an investment strategy with extra money
9) Prepare to file income taxes
10) Apply for student loans/grants/etc.
11) Help “pace” your monthly spending, stretching your dollar further

Releasing on July 31st

What is Appjumbu?

AppJumbu is a simple and cute budgeting & expense management app that helps you to plan, record, summarize and analyze day to day expenditures like marketing expenses, travel, rent, utility bill, car fuel, telecom, household expense and also organize your Incomes like W+ and JVZoo commissions, profit and much more.

It’s like a digital bullet journal for those who wanted to manage money and maintain income and expenses separately. It can also help in preparing budgets.

Over Thousand downloads on the play store and 5 Star rating holding this app.

Who is going to be benefited?

An affiliate marketer or a person or a business owner or a gig who wish to automate expense tracking by adopting mobile technology and one who desires to have a higher personal credit rating and one who’s currently using the spreadsheet to track daily expenses and looking for better money management techniques can use the app.

Anyone who has got Android or IOS smartphone can download and use the app. However here’s the broad category of users

Make a list for your better understanding(May You Find Yourself Here) :

  • Affiliate Marketers (Both Newbies & Dinos)
  • Gigs
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Small and Medium-scale business owners
  • between Family
  • Between Couples
  • College Students
  • Housewife
  • Young Adults
  • Youtubers
  • Bloggers
  • Budget Moms
  • Between Friends
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Photographers
  • Delivery Riders
  • Uber Drivers
  • Frequent Travellers

Features That AppJumbu Give –

  1. Simple and clean view of all your expenses and incomes
  2. Supports 74 languages like English, español, عربى, 日本人, Deutsche, 한국어, Français, हिन्दी, etc
  3. Create multiple books
  4. Cute To-Do List
  5. Export to Excel sheet
  6. Change view like Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc
  7. Additional cool stuff like Notes etc

Here are some screenshots direct from mobile(Appjumbu Review)

Appjumbu Review
Appjumbu Review
Appjumbu Review
Appjumbu Review

How does it work?

You can use this amazing feature with just 3 steps-

Step 1: Download the app

Search Appjumbu on your Play Store or Apple Store. And Install it.

Step 2: Purchase License Bundle from JVZoo

OTO1 – Single Pack: This will contain a single license for you to sell at a fixed price and earn a regular 50% commission

How OTO1 – Single Pack works?

  1. In OTO1, you take less RISK and make mediocre MONEY
  2. Send Affiliate Request to us and after approval, get the link
  3. Share it to your audience via emails, social media, your blogs, youtube videos etc
  4. Get flat 50% commission, if your Audience clicks the link and purchase the license
  5. You make on an average $62.70 for every 5 sales
  6. If you are newbie, its delayed payments upto 15 days and for experienced affiliates gets paid instantly

OTO2 – Bundle Pack: This will contain 5 licenses for you to earn extra money. You could purchase it and fix any price and sell it to your audience. No questions asked. Regular 50% commission applied for this sale too

How OTO2 – Bundle Pack works?

  1. In OTO2, you take more RISK and make more MONEY
  2. You spend $45.18 and purchase 5 Licenses Bundle Pack
  3. You get 50% commission ie $22.59
  4. Show your Audience, the actual price is $32.99/yearly which is visible inside the app
  5. Tell them you have a great offer for them ie Lifetime PRO License for just $30
  6. You make $150 if you can sell all the 5 licenses
  7. Your Total Earnings = $150 + $22.59 (commission) – $45.18 (product cost) ie $127.41

Your Order Sample: Your Order will look like the following.

Appjumbu Review
Appjumbu Review

Step 3: Apply the Coupon Code/Product Key

Open the App–>Remove Ads, Enter the 20 digit Product Key purchased from JVZoo and become a premium member.

Funnel Of Appjumbu

OTO1 – Single Pack – Earn Regular Money – Starting Price $25.08
OTO2 – Bundle Pack – Earn Extra Money – Starting Price $45.18

These are the bonuses you get if Grab The Copy Now


The app is very useful for day-to-day activities by tracking income and expenses.

I suggest you go for it. It has everything that needs your everyday life.

Releasing on July 31st

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