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Gyaanimonk.in is an online Product Suggestion Site where you can find the best amazon products in different categories. In today’s scenario, it is hard to find Good products on Amazon that your needs best. You spend hours searching on Amazon to find what you need but you did not find it or are rather confused. Thats why we are here to help you.

Our philosophy is simple, we want to show you the coolest stuff that you can buy from amazon. We are not interested to show you any spamming or flawed product to you. When you visit Gyaanimonk.in , I assure you that you will find Interesting, Innovative, and updated products.

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My journey is not that interesting but it has ups and downs. So take a small cup of coffee and let me tell you my story 😉

My journey started when I was born of course! But I don’t remember that much till am 7. In class three my father gave me a book as a gift on my birthday. The book is ” The Secret- RHONDA BYRNE”. Seriously I didn’t understand at that time the value of this book. but after 10 years I read this book again and this time it blew my mind. I think it really happened. Then I research on the internet about this book and yaa it is.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this book at least one time in your whole life. Reading this book will change the way you think.

After that, I read so many books and learn so many new things that I apply in my life too. From my childhood, I wish to become an Engineer. So I enrolled in an engineering college to follow my dream. In my college life, I meet so many people and one thing I want to tell you is that I love to list people. So I talk with them, learn from their mistakes.

After completing college I got a job in a company, I went there and worked for two years and brought a lot of good memories from there. But at one point, I didn’t concentrate on anything, Then after a lot of thinking, I thought that maybe I should not do this 9 to 5 job, SO I quit the job and started Blogging Full time.